Bayou de View Farm

Poinsett County, AR


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The Bayou de View Farm is a rice and soybean farm located in Poinsett County, Arkansas. The farm is situated 20 miles southwest of Jonesboro, Arkansas and 60 miles northwest of Memphis, Tennessee. The property consists of 96% tillable acreage comprised of silty loam and silty clay loam soil variations, providing a highly suitable medium for both rice and soybean crops. The Bayou de View Wildlife Management Area also borders the farm to the west.

The property is 100% irrigated by two wells and water is delivered through an underground irrigation pipe. Additional funds are being raised to improve and upgrade the well infrastructure, as well as to improve farm drainage. The current tenant has agreed to an extension for the 2021 crop season and will continue to operate the farm. While there is no current hunting lease in place and recreational income has not been included in the investment financials shown here, there is an existing duck blind, and potential for additional future revenues from recreational leasing.

Investment Highlights

  • 5-10 year target hold period given stable cash flows and potential for material long-term appreciation.

  • Farm lease in place through 2021.

  • Opportunity for additional yield from hunting lease.

  • The property will be managed by Acretrader Management, LLC, an affiliate of AcreTrader, Inc.

  • Standard AcreTrader management fee of 0.75% applies annually.

  • Anticipated cash distributions occur on December 15 annually, beginning December 2021.

Risk Factors and Disclosures

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