Carter Malloy

Carter Malloy

Founder and CEO

Carter grew up in an Arkansas farming family and has had a lifelong passion for investing, agriculture, and conservation. Prior to founding AcreTrader, he was part of an equity investment firm and a Managing Director with Stephens, Inc.

Carter grew up in an Arkansas farming family and has had a lifelong passion for investing, agriculture, and conservation. Prior to founding AcreTrader, he was part of an equity investment firm and a Managing Director with Stephens, Inc.

Articles by Carter Malloy

Long Term Investing: What, Why, and How

January 02, 2020

Learn what defines a long term investment, why you should consider investing for the long term, and get helpful tips for diversifying your long term investment portfolio.

Farm Investment Bear Markets: What Do They Look Like

September 25, 2019

While farm investments have proven to be dependable and productive investments over time, we are often asked: “what does a downturn look like in farm investing?” It is difficult to identify large downturns in the U.S. farm investing market, with the exception of the early 1980’s downturn.

Why Professional Investors Are Buying Farmland

September 11, 2019

Professional farmland investing is growing significantly. This is further reinforced by the involvement of large farmland buyers like Bill Gates. Why is this investment industry growing so quickly with professional investors? The conclusion seems pretty straightforward.

Personal Finance Resources to Follow

August 27, 2019

Farmland can be a diversification tool for an investment portfolio that brings historically low volatility. The ideal portfolio is unique to each individual, here you will find some of the top personal finance resources to consider as you determine the right balance for your portfolio.

Using a Self Directed IRA to Invest in Crowdfunded Farmland

July 02, 2019

Learn how to use Self-Directed IRAs as investment vehicles to invest in farmland offerings. This article presents an overview of Self-Directed IRAs, crowdfunding investments, and how various investment structures apply to AcreTrader and its investors.

Farmland Economy Expected to Improve in 2019

March 27, 2019

Find out more about the farm economy outlook for 2019 according to the USDA's latest research. While these are just forecasts that are subject to change, and trends are still below-average, improving farm incomes would be a positive development for both farmers and landowners.

Five Ways AcreTrader Helps Farmers

February 27, 2019

Our management team has historically been involved with farming and we understand many of the challenges today’s farmers face. While we don’t have a magic wand to solve every farm problem, we do help farmers in five distinct ways.

Why U.S. Farmland is the Best in the World

February 26, 2019

Learn how many acres of farmland there are in the U.S. and why U.S. farmland is considered some of the best in the world. Beyond the sheer numbers of acres in the U.S., the growing conditions are ideal producing a staggering amount of crops.

Mitigating Risk in Farmland Investments

December 20, 2018

Historically, agricultural land has been a stable investment with attractive long-term returns. Despite the stability, investors must think about risk reduction methods during weak farm economies. Thankfully, many of the risks can be resolved for agriculture investors with the right structures.

Who Owns U.S. Farmland?

December 12, 2018

Learn about farm land ownership agreements, what percent of farms are corporate-owned versus family-owned and how many farmers are leasing farm land in the United States. You can also learn more about how to become a land owner using the AcreTrader platform.

How to Invest in Farmland: The 3 (Now 4!) Different Ways to Buy Land

November 20, 2018

AcreTrader helps eliminate the frictions and difficulties traditionally associated with farmland investing. Though private equity farm funds, farmland REITs, and buying land directly all provide access, these investment methods insert risks into buying otherwise safe investment land.

Low Volatility and Risk-Adjusted Returns on Farmland Investments

October 11, 2018

Agricultural land has impressive historical returns and appears to be a conservative investment option, especially given the relative lack of leverage and debt. A closer look at historical price swings shows another important variable in farmland returns: a lack of relative price volatility.

The 5 Big Dangers of Online Real Estate Crowdfunding

July 21, 2018

There are several risks that may or may not be obvious when it comes to online real estate crowdfunding. Most platforms and offerings look great at first glance, but buyer beware: those 13% IRR figures don't come without significant risks.

Debt: A Dangerous Amplifier For Real Estate Investing

July 03, 2018

Debt, or leverage, is a great tool of modern finance that can be used to amplify one's annual returns relative to actual cash invested. However, while real estate debt can result in higher short term returns it can also result in amplified losses in real estate investments.