Maple Park Farm

Kane County, IL


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The Maple Park Farm is a 163 acre corn and soybean farm located in Kane County, Illinois. The tract is located approximately 35 miles west of the O'Hare International Airport and 9 miles east of DeKalb, Illinois. Consisting of 162 tillable acres, the farm possesses a Productivity Index (PI) rating of 135.7 (on scale of 47-147). The soils are predominantly silty loam varieties with the most prominent being Drummer silty clay loam. The Drummer soil series is the official state soil of Illinois. Among the soils, 53% of the farm boasts PI ratings above 140.

The current tenant has agreed to a 3 year lease extension through the 2023 crop season and will continue to operate the farm. The lease consists of a flex agreement with a base cash rental rate of $280 per acre with an upside revenue share for above average yields or commodity prices. The Gross Cash Yield only reflects the base case, but the sensitivity chart may be found in the documents section.

Investment Highlights

  • 5-10 year target hold period given stable cash flows and potential for material long-term appreciation.

  • Farm lease in place through 2023.

  • Flex lease could improve investor annual income should commodity prices go up and/or with strong crop yields on the farm. The maximum rent per acre to be paid under the flex lease will be capped at $350 per acre.

  • The property will be managed by Acretrader Management, LLC, an affiliate of AcreTrader, Inc.

  • Standard AcreTrader management fee of 0.75% applies annually.

  • Anticipated cash distributions occur on December 15 annually, beginning December 2021.

Additional Details

AcreTrader Management, LLC intends to submit fifteen (15) acres of this farm to the FSA for a possible wetlands review, the outcome of which may result in a post-closing downward purchase price adjustment on a per acre basis for the acres under review. In no event will the total purchase price for the farm increase, and the funds at issue will be held in escrow by the title company until such determination is received. Any purchase price rebate will be applied to improvements to the farm and/or returned on a pro rata basis to investors.

Risk Factors and Disclosures

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