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Though Utah's climate, water resources, and amount of quality cropland may not seem set to make it an agricultural state, agriculture still prevails and has a large impact on its economy. The majority of the farmland in the state is dedicated to pastureland and in total, Utah sold $1.3 billion of Livestock, Poultry and products as of the last USDA Census of Ag. The top crops in Utah are Hay, Wheat, Corn, Cherries, Barley, and Safflower. There are a total of 18,409 farms in Utah spread across 10.8 million acres with an average size of 587 acres.

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In the latest USDA Census of Agriculture, we saw that Utah produced and sold $1.8 billion worth of agricultural products, of which, just under 70% can be attributed to sale of Livestock, Poultry and their products.

The top 5 counties in terms of agricultural sales were Beaver County, Utah County, Millard County, Sanpete County, and Cache County. These five counties account for 44% of agricultural revenues in Utah.

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