Royal Bluff Apple Orchards II

Columbia Basin, WA


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AcreTrader has secured the final capacity remaining in the Royal Bluff Orchards capital raise. This opportunity is offered at the same terms as the "Royal Bluff Apple Orchards" offering funded on the AcreTrader platform in May of 2020, we are just purchasing additional units.

The New Royal Bluff Orchards, LLC ("Royal Bluff Orchards") is an apple orchard and farming company with the business and management team having 25 years of experience operating together and with 6 years operating history in its current form. Investors in this offering will be investing in equity of this diversified orchard and farming company with 255 acres of producing trees and plans to bring another 255 acres into production.

The capital from this ownership interest will be used for infrastructure and trees on a recently purchased 130 acre orchard as well as replanting a section of an older orchard owned by the company into new organic apple trees. The increased apple production plus converting the non-organic portions of the farm to organic is expected to increase cash flows to investors and the value of the orchard itself. The farm currently grows Honeycrisp, Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith, and Ambrosia Apples as well as cherries.

Investment Highlights

  • 10 year target hold period

  • Royal Bluff Orchards has already paid $1.6 million in distributions over the last 5 years through 2019

  • Minimal debt utilized on the project, with a maximum expected Loan-To-Asset ratio of ~11% at peak in 2023

  • Royal Bluff Orchards' management team has extensive industry experience, including 2019 Good Fruit Grower of the Year and committee membership on the Washington State Tree Fruit Association

  • Increased organic production expected to provide attractive prices and marketability of fruit

  • The investment will be managed by AcreTrader Management, LLC, an affiliate of AcreTrader, Inc. with an AcreTrader representative having a seat on the Royal Bluff Orchards' advisory board

  • AcreTrader Management fee of 1% applies annually

  • Anticipated cash distributions occur on or around December 15 annually, beginning December 2022

  • This offering involves an external sponsor; please carefully review the sponsor's business plan, subscription agreement, and the associated offering documents.

Additional Details

  • While the purchase price of the Series D Member Units to new investors is listed in the Business Plan and Paragraph 2(y) of the Subscription Agreement and Private Placement Memorandum as $75,000 per Unit, due to the volume of Series D Member Units Acretrader 125, LLC has committed to purchase, the Sponsor has offered those Series D Member Units to Acretrader 125, LLC at $70,000 per Unit. AcreTrader investors are offered purchase of pro-rata 1/2 units priced at $35,000 plus anticipated closing costs and year 1 - year 2 management fees that total $1,000 per AcreTrader unit, placing the offering price per AcreTrader investor unit at $36,000 for pro-rata ownership of 1/2 of a Series D Member Unit.

  • This offering differs from many of our other row crop offerings for several reasons. Importantly, an external deal sponsor is involved that will be responsible for managing and operating the property. As a result, rather than receiving annual rent from a single farmer, investors will have operational exposure not dissimilar to many commercial real estate investments. Please see sponsor's business plan, subscription agreement, and associated documents for additional information.

Supplemental Disclosures for TNRBO Offering

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Specific Risks for The New Royal Bluff Orchards LLC, Series D offering

For information relating to specific risks relating to the Series D Offering for which Acretrader 125, LLC will be subscribing, please reference Section 2 Business Risk Factors: Application of Capital; Terms of Subscription starting on Page 2 of The New Royal Bluff Orchards, LLC (“TNRBO”) Series D Subscription Agreement and Private Placement Memorandum of Disclosure (Rev. January 1, 2020).

Supplemental Disclosures for the TNRBO Series D Interests

  1. This Offering is estimated to have a hold period from 5 to 10 years with the possibility of some repurchases occurring starting in Year 6, subject to Acretrader 125 providing 12 months’ advance notice to TNRBO in any year in which it anticipates such sales.
  2. This Offering is not projected to provide an annual cash distribution until Year 2.
  3. Part of the proceeds of this Offering will be used to pre-pay annual management fees to AT Management, LLC. The need for pre-payment arises from the inability of the Company to make capital calls from its members or to deduct such fees from annual income since there will not initially be annual income. See Note 2 above.
  4. Please note and review the additional documentation and Microsoft Excel file that are available under the Documents tab of this offering.

Risk Factors and Disclosures

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